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Launching digital ads made easy

No experience required. Whether you are a solopreneur, a small team, or a createor, easily launch paid ads like a pro. Rely on templates for your industry, create ads in a simple to use interface, and run your campaign optimization on autopilot.

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Simply create ads on mulitple plattforms

No prior knowledge needed - With our guides and easy to use interface, you launch professeional ads on Google, Facebook & Co easily. All settings will automatically be optimized for your company and industry.

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Automatically optimize your campaigns like a pro

actomio optimizes your campaigns automatically. Stop worrying about ineffective spending, A/B testing or budget optimization - actomio does the heavy lifting for you.

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Use proven templates to create high converting ads

actomio gives you the tools, templates and know-how to create high performing ads. Cou can use your own creatives or choose among thousands of templates for your industry.

Trusted by thousands like you

"I am very creative but lacked the marketing  know-how to
manage ads myself. With their templates actomio made it very simple for me to launch ads. I really like that I regularly receive recommendations for new campaigns."

Fancesca Ziche, Self-employed fotographer, Ziche Design

Why actomio?

Large advertisment plattforms are complex to use and designed around the needs of experts with multi million ads budgets. We build actomio around the needs of solopreneurs, small teams, and creators. actomio gives you all the marketing know-how, settings, and tools you need to run effective campaigns with smaller budgets. We keep track marketing trends, provide templates for multi-channel campaigns and optimize your set-up automatically.

With the right tool, small companies can achieve great outcomes.

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