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Launching digital ads made easy

No experience required - Whether you run your eCommerce shop as a solopreneur or a small team, easily launch digital ads that work 

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Launch campaigns that really perform

No need to spend hours acquiring marketing know-how - Create campaigns with an easy-to-use campaign builder that guides you while implementing the latest marketing tactics.

Simply create ads on multiple platforms

No prior knowledge needed - Actomio makes it easy to boost your shop sales with digital ads on Google, Facebook & Co. Launch your ads with easy-to-use templates. Don't worry about the technical settings - Actomio manages them for you.

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Automatically optimize your campaigns like a pro

When your ads run, Actomio does the heavy lifting for you. It automates difficult tasks such as allocating budgets or optimizing campaigns.

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Trusted by thousands like you

"I am a professional on creative tasks. Actomio is a great complement
to my skills. Before using Actomio, I needed support from technical marketers. With Actomio, I can manage my marketing without additional help."

Fancesca Ziche, Self-employed photographer, Ziche Design

Why actomio?

Large advertisement platforms are designed around the needs of experts with multi-million ads budgets. We build Actomio around the needs of solopreneurs and small teams. Actomio gives you all the marketing know-how, settings, and tools you need to run effective campaigns with smaller budgets. We keep track of marketing trends, provide templates for multi-channel campaigns and optimize your set-up automatically.

With the right tool, small companies can achieve great outcomes.

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